Synthetic Hair VS Real Hair. What's the Difference?

If you are looking for a hairpiece to change your look, you might be wondering what the difference is between synthetic hair and real hair. Synthetic hair and real hair are two types of hairpieces that have different advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will compare synthetic hair vs real hair in terms of its origin, quality, appearance, maintenance, cost, and lifespan.


Synthetic hair is made of artificial fibers that are formed to act as real hair strands. Some common materials used for synthetic hair are acrylic, polyester, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and kanekalon. Synthetic hair is usually mass-produced in factories and can come in various colors, textures, and styles.

Real hair is actual hair that comes from real people. It is usually donated or sold by people from different countries and regions. The most common types of real hair used for hairpieces are Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, and European/Caucasian. Real hair is more scarce and valuable than synthetic hair and requires more processing to sanitize, color, and style.

Allnice Wigs is currently doing its utmost to focus on the real hair cover market. While ensuring that every product we sell is 100% real hair, we have been improving our manufacturing process to keep our prices very affordable.


The quality of synthetic hair and real hair depends on the processing technique and the source of the hair. Generally speaking, real hair is of higher quality than synthetic hair because it looks, feels, and acts just like your own hair. Real hair can also be styled with heat tools and colored with dyes, unlike synthetic hair which can be damaged by high temperatures and chemicals.

However, not all real hair is of the same quality. The highest quality of real hair is called Remy human hair, which means that the hair follicles are kept running in the same direction when collecting and crafting the wig or hairpiece. This reduces tangling and makes the hair look silkier and more natural. Non-Remy human hair can have mixed directions of cuticles, which can cause matting and shedding.

But even so, the lowest grade and lowest price of the products sold by Allnice Wigs, such as the 6A grade and 150 density wigs, are much better than synthetic hair in terms of naturalness. That's why Allnice Wigs currently insists on making real hair instead of synthetic hair.

Synthetic hair can also vary in quality depending on the type of fiber and the technology used to create it. Some synthetic hair can mimic the texture and movement of real hair very well, while others can look stiff and unnatural. Some synthetic hair can also be heat-friendly, which means that it can withstand low to medium-heat styling without melting or frizzing.


The appearance of synthetic hair and real hair can be influenced by many factors, such as the style, color, density, length, and curl pattern of the hairpiece. Synthetic hair can offer a wide range of options for different looks, as it can be pre-styled and pre-colored in various ways. Synthetic hair can also hold its style better than real hair, even after washing or exposure to the weather.

Real hair can offer a more natural look and feel than synthetic hair, as it has more variation and depth in color and texture. Real hair can also be customized to suit your preferences, as you can cut, curl, straighten, or dye it as you wish. However, real hair can also lose its style over time or react to the weather, just like your own hair would.

Nowadays, consumers in the wig market increasingly prefer colored hair wigs. But most of the colored hair wig sold in the market today is synthetic. Innovations in technology have made the texture of this synthetic hair much stronger and more delicate than it was a few years ago. But synthetic is synthetic. Imagine spending hundreds of dollars to buy synthetic hair wigs. This is the reason why there're a few colored wigs we have in Allnice Wigs.


Synthetic hair is easy to take care of, as it does not require much washing or styling. You can simply shake it out or comb it gently before wearing it. You should wash your synthetic hairpiece only when it becomes dull or dirty, using mild shampoo and conditioner designed for synthetic fibers. You should also avoid using heat tools or harsh chemicals on your synthetic hairpiece, as they can damage or melt the fibers.

Real hair requires more maintenance than synthetic hair, as it needs to be washed, conditioned, and styled frequently to keep it in good condition. You should use high-quality products formulated for highly processed human hair to nourish and protect your real hairpiece. You should also avoid overusing heat tools or dyes on your real hairpiece, as they can cause dryness or breakage.


Synthetic hair is cheaper than real hair because it is easier to produce and more abundant in supply. Synthetic hairpieces can range from $20 to $500 depending on the type of fiber, style, and brand. Synthetic hairpieces are usually bought for temporary use or occasional wear.

Real hair is more expensive than synthetic hair because it is harder to source and more labor-intensive to process. Real hairpieces can range from $100 to $4000 depending on the type of hair, quality, style, and brand. Real hairpieces are usually bought for long-term use or daily wear.

Allnice Wigs can guarantee reasonable prices and better prices than synthetic wigs, thanks to its parent company's decades of experience in the wig industry, which has built up a complete collection of real hair and a supporting cargo transfer facility.


Synthetic hair has a shorter lifespan than real hair because it is more prone to wear and tear over time. Synthetic hairpieces can last from 4 months to a year with proper care. However, synthetic hairpieces can also lose their shape, color, and shine faster than real hairpieces.

Real hair has a longer lifespan than synthetic hair because it is more durable and resilient. Real hairpieces can last from a year to 3 years with proper care. However, real hairpieces can also incur damage from harsh brushing, back-combing, or overuse of heat tools.


Synthetic hair and real hair have their own pros and cons, and the best choice for you depends on your budget, time, needs, and preferences. Synthetic hair is a great option if you want a low-maintenance, affordable, and versatile hairpiece for a short-term or occasional change of look. Real hair is a great option if you want a high-quality, natural, and customizable hairpiece for a long-term or daily enhancement of your appearance.

At Allnice Wigs, we can guarantee that any hair you buy is made of 100% real hair. Depending on the price, we cannot offer you too many possibilities in terms of discounts. But we will try to keep our prices low while providing you with the most comfortable shopping experience.

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